Bracing for Turbulence: Economic Trends and Challenges in 2023


Todd Hirsch
The Modern Economist

As the global economy hurls towards recession in 2023, industries and companies around the world are bracing for turbulent times. Geopolitics has replaced the pandemic as the biggest threat to the economy, and spiking interest rates, crushing inflation, and sagging real estate markets are weighing down consumer and business sentiments.

Todd Hirsch helps audiences navigate this new turbulent environment. He’ll share his forecasts for what’s likely to happen and, most importantly, what businesses, industries, and leaders can do to prepare for it.

Audiences will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of forces at play in the global and national economies.
  • New ways to think about government and economic policies, and a challenge to reconsider our expectations.
  • A list of issues that must be addressed if we are to rebuild, reimagine, and evolve our economy.