Unleashing Your Distruptive Behaviour


Graham Sherman
Owner, Tool Shed Company

The concept of “disruptive marketing” has become so buzz-wordy that we often mistake simply being “innovative” with being disruptive. Truly standing out in a tough economy, against monster-sized competition requires us to use part of our brains we don’t often access. Now it’s time to harness those powers of disruption for entrepreneurial success.

Graham Sherman has been shaking things up since he worked on private-sector government and military contracts in Afghanistan, to when he began brewing beer and changed the game for small breweries across Alberta, to today, when he transformed his business to meet the demands of a pandemic-riddled economy.

In March 2020, Sherman saw 75% of his business shut off overnight. Instead of giving up, he looked to see who was doing well — grocery delivery — and teamed up with a local organic food delivery business to convert his brewery into their storage facility and help Calgarians stay safe.

After hearing Sherman’s story and insights, audiences will walk away inspired and armed with a clear path to unleashing their own disruptive behaviour to transform their business, no matter what challenges in their path.